Page 2 of 5: The Flood to the Exodus, Orthodox Chronology

The timeline is much easier to view and digest in PDF format.  You may also right click the image above and open it in a new window to enlarge it.  Should you wish to print it, the paper size used is 14″ by 40″ so you will either need to reformat it or print it on a plotter.  The original timeline was all on one E size drawing but has now been split into five separate pages.

The Flood to the Exodus, New Chronology (annotated)

See the Sources and the Articles tabs for more detailed information on why specific solutions were chosen on some of the debatable points.

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  3. Thanks again for the feedback. I will take all of this into account when it comes time to rework this…

  4. I too make about 18 Years of Samuel Judging the people, but its worth noting that Samuel doesn’t take up…

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