Welcome to the biblical timeline

Many years ago I started to wonder about how the events of the bible aligned with the history of the secular kingdoms and empires that surrounded them.  That led me to read through almost the entire Old Testament and note down all of the scriptures that marked interactions with other kingdoms or that marked the times of events in relation to others.  I also went through the books that I could find on the subject and added as much secular history as I could while keeping the focus on what was happening in or to Israel. From all of this the first timeline was built in 2005 in Microsoft Visio (where it still resides) but I ultimately hit a wall and put this on the shelf.  Fast forward to 2018 and a break between jobs.  Following a conversation at a Bible study I pulled out the old timeline and started what has become a significant update process.  Many of the dates were changed based on new sources (or old sources I was previously unaware of).  A number of other discussions have shown me that most people, both Christians and non-Christians, do not have a good understanding of the Bible from a historical perspective and so I decided that it was time to share my work with the world at large.  I retain an open mind about the work I have done and continue to make adjustments based on the feedback I receive.  I’m hoping that by putting it out there for the world to see  I can both benefit others with a similar interest in history and also improve on what I have done.

At this point there is only one article, on the period of the Judges.  I hope to write more as time allows.  I would also welcome material from other contributors.

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